STONE LIFE Fiberglass ring & Sand grain

Lamp in the organic design trend made of natural aggregate – quartz sand and parts of the lampshade are made of fiberglass. Mounting elements – solid oak.


The lampshade is made of epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass, the finish of the shade is natural sand. The lamp from the outside is finished in semi-matte. From the inside an extremely organic weave of glass fibers are visible which creates an interesting translucent structure. The lampshade is finished with an oak cap, which has the same shape as the headliner. No visible mounting – the lamp has beautiful finishing detail.

The lampshade is manufactured by hand – natural sand colour. The power cord finished with natural braided cotton in gray.

Luminaire’s name: STONE LIFE Fiberglass ring & Sand grain
Material: Blended composite materials
Optics: Lampshade
Lamp power: max 13W LED
Lampholder: E27
Voltage: 220-240V

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