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Migaloo home is an innovative Polish brand of eco-friendly home furnishing products. Our production is based on the principles of sustainable development. We hold numerous invention patents for innovative furniture boards manufactured using waste materials. Our furniture is the only one that has a negative water and carbon footprint, is renewable, timeless and personalized. We also have a lighting division focused on design inspired by nature, we use granite aggregates, sand, solid oak for production. Our BOCIAN (Stork) lamp has already become an icon of Polish design, repeatedly presented at the EXPO in Milan, always arouses great enthusiasm.

The Migaloo home concept was born out of a longing born in concrete gray and white houses. We felt as a team that we needed contact with nature, but time-wise and financially this is not always possible. We live in a rush, disconnected from the natural environment – home is a space that should program us into a relaxed mode, a type of oasis- meanwhile, it’s hard to achieve this when surrounded by objects that are artificial, saturated with harmful adhesives, cold to the touch and remind us of nothing related to nature. We have no way to break the feeling of chronic stress, we are alienated in an environment we have created for ourselves.
Migaloo is a concept nature harmony home, which, being ecological, simultaneously gives up neither quality nor play with form and color.

Our works have been awarded many times at international exhibitions such as La Biennale of Art and Architecture in Venice. Currently, we focus on creating furniture and lamps from waste materials such as PET bottles and walnut shells. We are aware of the responsibility for each object we produce – our dream is for Migaloo to make a significant contribution to an ecological approach to product and design. We think of our objects in these terms at every stage – from seed to compost 馃檪 although these are rather unconventional words for a woodworking shop and lamp manufacturing 馃檪


Migaloo Home team is formed by ambitious and creative people, but also sensitive to the environment in which they live and work. We are aware of the potential of our team – we want to use it by voluntarily supporting the noble ideas. Therefore, every year Migaloo Home allocates 2% of the profit from each lamp dedicated to children for the Gdansk Korczak Foundation “Love and give an example”. Once a year we earmark raised founds to purchase specialized equipment stimulating the rehabilitation and development of children.


Monika B艂aszkowska

Founder of the brand

An architect by profession and a passionate nomad designer. In her name she has several patents for innovative materials for furniture production along with several international awards for sustainable design. Her designs are distinguished by creativity, a lack of compromise in quality and inspiration from nature in the broadest sense – not only flora and fauna, but also biotechnology.

In her own words about the brand:

Migaloo is the name of an albino whale – it swims off the coast of Australia, it is the only animal you can see from a plane, the only one that is so memorable – my design is supposed to be like that too – SOMETHING NEVER SEEN BEFORE – , it is supposed to evoke a smile and a hope for a better tomorrow. It is supposed to help with the harmony of our usable spaces.

She feels most comfortable in the beginning stage of a project, when you have to discard what you already know and start looking for something never seen before. Privately a mother of two, she runs her home in the spirit of zero waste, and hobistically fulfils herself culinarily in a vege kitchen full of fresh vegetables.

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