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  • no plastic dream

    Welcome to the Anthropocene.

    “We do not just live on this planet, we have shape it. Each year, the work of humans moves more soil, rock and sediment than is transported by all other natural processes combined. If you took all humans and their domesticated animals ( pets and livestock ), their combined mass would be greater than all …

  • A bit like this one a bit like that one…

    We love taking up challanges and creating samples for orders! Often we are faced with such circumstances that a given project undertakes a specific colour, special additives or elaborate structures. In a partnership project with an architectural firm, we cooperate in order to achieve a knockout effect. Samples in max A4 format are created in [...] More
  • Furniture from rubbish

    The technology of furniture production from the NOD board was patented by Monika Balaszkowska. It is in the form of a mix of resin matrix and walnut shells. Migaloo home creates table and coffee table tops, furniture fronts and reception desks from this board. This unique technology uses natural biological waste, which works wonders job [...] More
  • Are we ready to step back from the Polish design of the 1960s?

    For years we have been observing architects' obsession with the style of the 50s and 60s of Polish and global design. We, as a team, are also very fond of Vintage, mainly due to the fact that it has already survived two generations and most often, in terms of quality and visuals, still works well [...] More
  • In the table not in the stomach of the whale

    Microplastic is a huge civilizational problem. Its particles are in the water, soil and even in the food we consume. Polyethylene terephthalate has a chance to use ground caps, old soda and household detergent bottles and PVC pipes into something we'll put up proudly in the living room by our couch. This colorful top with [...] More
  • About dandelion with a grain of salt ;)

    Dandelion or formally Taraxacum officinale is well known weed. It can be seen everywhere – at the roadside, in the grassland and the lawns. In the past it was said that dandelion is an enemy of married women since reportedly it made men cheating on their wifes. Our great-grandfathers knew that dandelion’s features included its [...] More
  • Magnificent cork.

    Cork oak is unusual tree whose more than a half population can be found in Portugal and Spain. One of the advantages of this tree is that it doesn’t need to be chopped down in order to acquire the cork, because it is made of the bark without harming the tree. Every year the bark [...] More
  • Fragility frozen in depth.

    For ages gold was a symbol of power, good fortune and wealth. Golden items underlined social status and prosperity of the owner. High value and limited acces to this ore had significant impact on gilding – a proces of covering goods with gold. Thrones or painting frames, coverd with thin layer of this valuable metal [...] More
  • Migaloohome Blog Świadomy rodzic

    Creating a child’s world – the role of facial dialog

    When building the world around us we want our nearest space to have positive influence on our health and well-being. Workplace, house, apartment or room – while arranging them we take into account both beauty and functionality. And when a child appears in our world, we do our best to adjust the world to support [...] More
  • Migaloohome Blog Siła drewna dębowego


    Since ages oak has been considered a symbol of great strength. This is proven e.g. by the fact that in Rome oak leaf wreath was a head decoration not only for Caesars, but also of other victorious leaders. It was believed that oak had magical power. Oak is first of all heavy, hard and of [...] More
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