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Blog ekologiczny o ekologii i eco designie

  • Old PVC windows sunk in snow-white PLASTRYKO
    The Extraordinary Life Cycle of Windows: Transforming PVC Waste into Modern Furniture Replacing windows is an ordinary activity in the lives of most Poles, but have we ever wondered what happens to those old PVC window frames? In Poland, where window replacement is common due to increasing energy efficiency requirements, the amount of waste from [...] More
  • Migaloo home at the Venice Art Biennale
    Migaloo home table at the main exhibition of the Venice Art Biennale. ⊗ Venice design is the main international exhibition of the Venice Biennale, held in the historic interiors of Palazzo Michiel, on the main canal in the center of this beautiful historic city. Nominations were awarded by the European Cultural Center ( ECC) , [...] More
  • recycling butelek pet
    From the trash to the living rooms
    We are currently doing research work on several extremely promising projects. These are projects supported by analyses of our clients' trash cans. We study what they throw away in the process of their service, production, and then do a case study. We test, dry dry, crush, grind - almost like with the cabanos of a [...] More
  • Cork decor Portuguese nostalgia
          Portugal, a country with a rich history and extraordinary natural heritage, is famous for one of the world's most unique natural products - cork. Growing cork oaks in this country is a practice rooted in centuries of tradition. Today, I would like to share with you the fascinating world of this industry [...] More
  • Cork decor – natural terazzo

      Cork decor is a material that is extremely sensual, you can feel the change in texture under your fingers, the countertop smells of natural cork, it gives us a sense of the warmth of cork, combined with a hard, resistant resin. Cork decor is terrazzo made from the post-production waste of wine corks. It …

  • no plastic dream
    Welcome to the Anthropocene.

    “We do not just live on this planet, we have shape it. Each year, the work of humans moves more soil, rock and sediment than is transported by all other natural processes combined. If you took all humans and their domesticated animals ( pets and livestock ), their combined mass would be greater than all …

  • A bit like this one a bit like that one…
    We love taking up challanges and creating samples for orders! Often we are faced with such circumstances that a given project undertakes a specific colour, special additives or elaborate structures. In a partnership project with an architectural firm, we cooperate in order to achieve a knockout effect. Samples in max A4 format are created in [...] More
  • Furniture from rubbish
    The technology of furniture production from the NOD board was patented by Monika Balaszkowska. It is in the form of a mix of resin matrix and walnut shells. Migaloo home creates table and coffee table tops, furniture fronts and reception desks from this board. This unique technology uses natural biological waste, which works wonders job [...] More
  • Are we ready to step back from the Polish design of the 1960s?
    For years we have been observing architects' obsession with the style of the 50s and 60s of Polish and global design. We, as a team, are also very fond of Vintage, mainly due to the fact that it has already survived two generations and most often, in terms of quality and visuals, still works well [...] More
  • In the table not in the stomach of the whale
    Microplastic is a huge civilizational problem. Its particles are in the water, soil and even in the food we consume. Polyethylene terephthalate has a chance to use ground caps, old soda and household detergent bottles and PVC pipes into something we'll put up proudly in the living room by our couch. This colorful top with [...] More
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