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  • no plastic dream
    Welcome to the Anthropocene.

    “We do not just live on this planet, we have shape it. Each year, the work of humans moves more soil, rock and sediment than is transported by all other natural processes combined. If you took all humans and their domesticated animals ( pets and livestock ), their combined mass would be greater than all …

  • A microplastic that we will live with forever
    The European Food Safety Authority, or EFSA for short, has defined the term microplatics - these are plastic particles between 0.1 and 5 mm in size. One of the most popular plastics is PET, or polyethylene terephthalate. Which is  what exactly? Bottles for beverages, household chemicals, food containers and our clothes....WHO recommends drinking minimum 2-3 [...] More
  • Microplastic – Where can we find it?
    On June 7, scientists in Canterbury, New Zealand, announced in the journal Cryosphere that microplastic was discovered in the vast majority of 19 samples collected in various parts of Antarctica. So far, the areas associated with environmental poisoning by this micro-junk (or micro-crap) have been in places inhabited by humans.  Due to its innocent white [...] More
  • Look for the unual in the nature
    Uniqueness is desirable. Exceptionality is admired. Uncommon beauty makes us stop for a moment to contemplate it. When it comes to the kingdom of animals, our attention is drawn by those species that are not found in our surroundings. This is exactly the case of one of the rarest animals on earth. Beautiful, majestic and [...] More
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